• Net weight (Bulk size): 3.3lb x 6bags / Carton
    Net weight (lbs) / Carton: 19.8
  • Net weight (Retail size): 70g X 24bags / Carton


  • Carrot
  • Non-hydrogenated canola oil, dextrin, sea salt


  • Regarding the color, size, taste, flavor of products, we follow the natural color of the raw material.
  • Shelf life: 12 months (under 20°C, in sealed aluminum foil bag with Oxygen Absorber (Antioxygen)
  • Bulk size loading: 588 cartons in 20′; 1200 cartons in 40′
  • Packing material:
    Bag: aluminum foil bag with nitrogen filled
    Carton dimension: 41.5 x 38 x 32cm
    Carton weight: 2.2lb


  • HACCP No. 11H17583
  • ISO22000:2005 No.37F17583
  • FDA No. 11233183734